Friday, February 18, 2011

Me - a most random bio

25 things you never knew about me (and quite possibly never needed to know).

1. My glasses slide down my nose every time both hands are full carrying something.

2. I only buy really good ice cream - but it will still die freezer-burned forgotten half-full.

3. I start 90% of my blog posts handwritten in a journal.

4. I always have a waiter's wine key at the bottom of my purse.

5. I'm the middle of 5 siblings.

6. My meat intake cut in half when I let a vegetarian move into my house.

7. My bacon intake doubled when I let a vegetarian move into my house.

8. I will always, always, always - no matter how hard I try to remember to pay attention - burn the last pan of cookies.

9. Most of the time when I'm cooking I feel like I'm on a cooking show explaining everything to my audience.

10. I think the only good beer is a sour beer (Yay Lambics!)

11. As a kid mustard was by far my favorite condiment - now it's joined by vinegar and hot sauce as my top three.

12. I think I'm nerdier than my friends realize.

13. I don't love eating my own cooking - I can't stop analyzing it for what I'd do differently next time.

14. I will finally consider myself cool if I ever own a forest green (or sky blue) 1970s VW Beetle and a white surfboard.

15. I think avocados are one of the truly perfect foods.

16. I once heard a quote about a woman saying if she were stranded on a deserted island she would want her mascara - I would want a knife, a pan and rope.

17. I excel at parallel parking.

18. I wore Chuck Taylors even when they weren't cool.

19. I spent most of my childhood climbing trees (preferably picking apples or plums).

20. If I could only have one lunch for the rest of my life it would be grilled fish and avocado over a salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

21. I will never throw away a pair of plaid pants I bought in high school at a thrift store because I never want to be able to deny to myself that I actually wore them.

22. I really like men who can cook - but I adore men who love to eat what I cook

23. Goldfish crackers are my stress food.

24. I take more risks in life than is probably healthy - but I will still never feel the need to go skydiving

25. The one recipe I will never give away is my mom's old-school spaghetti recipe (which even she has mostly forgotten).

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