Saturday, November 28, 2009


it's called beer:30 "because it's always time for beer" and it's in hideous purple cans.

"Smells like freshman year. Cooked corn and cereal grains. Reminds me of sexual interaction with questionable looking girls, projectile vomit, and passing out, only to wake up with penises drawn all over any exposed skin. It's the typical light lager smell."


i love reading beer reviews written like wine reviews
it's not that i don't get it, because i do. it still strikes me as silly though. maybe not silly. frivolous.
it makes perfect sense to me to write about them the same way
but I don't really drink beer
oh, no, i mean from a technical standpoint they are very similar
and all the effort that goes into them warrants attention

it's a tough craft

but at the same time, i wonder if people would really enjoy a beer less if they didn't know its relative gravity

it's like people that get way too into fantasy sports teams and tracking stats and forget to watch the game for what it is
that's a very poignant point
but i suppose than other people revel in the little details more than i do. parts versus whole
it reminds me of a book written about brown bag wine trials. they took hundreds of wines from a full spectrum of price ranges, hid the labels, and had truly blind reviews. and it was hysterical what placed higher
my favorite wine is $8

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